Dig Jelly: For Your Inner Angry Child

Date: 11-10-2005

By Christina Schroeter, Daily Titan Staff, Nov. 10, 2005

My sister took me to Target to get some necessities when I was about five, and refused to let me wander around the toy section. Holding my hand, she walked me past the jewelry and watch counter while my eyes became fixated on a black watch with pink scuba fins on it. The plastic fins split to either side to view the digital time. It even came with a free pad of paper that was shaped like a life-vest. Obviously I had to have this five-dollar jewel. Before it was too late, I wriggled my fingers out of her hand's grip hold, and took off for the watch counter.

I snagged the watch and showed her how great it looked on my little wrist. She told me she wouldn't buy it for me and to put it back. I instantly began flailing my arms and twisting my body like a washing machine. Tears streamed down my red face as a high-pitch scream exploded from my mouth. Enter Dig Jelly.

Dig Jelly captures the essence of every angry child, and cleverly stuffs it onto a 44-minute album. For Your Inner Angry Child (how appropriate), somehow melds Evanescence-style modern rock, Gwen Stefani-influenced vocals and a rapping style like Zack de la Rocha's to completely reflect every child's angry fits. Of course, it's much easier to listen to.

"Inside Out," "Dramatic Suicide" and "Alive" bring back flannel shirts and Doc Martens with their '90s grunge sound, but most of the album is more intense.

Some songs on the album are modern rock (think Linkin Park, with a female singer), while others add more hip-hop.

If for some reason, you don't have a screamy, little brat around you and you want one, buy Dig Jelly's For Your Inner Angry Child.

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