For Your Inner Angry Child

Date: 03-03-2003

By Jimi Yamagishi, Director of the Songwriter's Network, 2003

Rayko is the real deal.

Avril sings about Sk8rz, but Dig Jelly's front woman IS one. Open the Cd & there's a picture of her doin' a 900 down a slope.

A perfect blend of Hip-Hop & Heavy Rock, Dig Jelly has captured the energy of their live show & detailed it out in the studio with excellent production & tight musicianship. Crazy fun, with intentionally lo-fi samples on the title cut, & overdriven vocals on 3Karmice sounding like a Marshall at 11, there's much more creativity here than you'd expect from a sk8 punk band. Pac Sun sportswear constantly has 'em on their in-house systems, 'cuz it stands up to repeated listening.

For Your Inner Angry Child is one of those genre-defining discs that could change your mind about this kind of music. It's that good. Even if you aren't a fan of heavy rockin' high energy music, you gotta check this one out. Drop it in your car stereo & it will make your wheels go faster. Stick it in your walkman & you won't need that second shot of espresso.

Go check out their live show & you'll be a fan for life. I think I got whiplash listening to this CD. It rocks so hard it will make even the most stoic prune bang their head.

Think I'll go buy a skateboard...

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