Rayko and DigJelly Rock the Masquerade

Date: 10-23-2005

By Jerolyn, Oct. 23, 2005

Hey, just gotta exclaim what a great job Rayko and DigJelly did in concert at the Masquerade Monday October 24th in Hotlanta.

Rayko's got a really strong, pretty voice and sounded good leading the second of three bands opening for Veruca Salt on their national tour. Rayko was masterful at getting the crowd pumped up, out of our chairs and moving to the music. she totally took control of the stage, sexily strutting, bopping her trademark long anime-style dual ponytails in time to the music and lights, somehow engendering camaraderie in the room as she delightedly waved to and saluted various people in the crowd and flashed her six-pack abs to great effect. (Rayko, if you did a training video to your music, I'd buy it!)

diminutive, yet with a powerful punch, Rayko raised the energy level to another order delivering her songs, many of which had great melodies. the guitarist did a good job, showing me some virtuoso sounds I'd never seen anybody wring out of a Les Paul before. on some of the songs, he doubled Rayko's vocal lines for some really cool effects.

the drummer kept a good beat, mixing it up for the different songs for a nice variety, and sang some tight harmonies. the bassist kept the energy mellifluously thrumming on the bottom end, and flashed some cute pecs halfway into DigJelly's set.

the songs were good and made me want to buy DigJelly's album, For Your Inner Angry Child ($10). I think DigJelly could go all the way if they stick together and continue to coalesce. there were several songs Rayko sang that I wanted to get to know better.

Porselain followed and did a good job also. they sound like they're about ready to break for radio. Veruca Salt got up there and showed girls can have fun playing electric guitars, too. the lead singer sang a song about Spiderman, talking about how she'd like to pin him to her wall.... hope he doesn't meet such an inglorious end... you could understand the words and they were having a good time.

if you get a chance, don't miss catching DigJelly on their first national tour, and catch a rising star.

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