Dig Jelly by Tina Tsai

Date: 10-21-2005

The local band scene in Los Angeles is jumping with homegrown Asian American talent. One worth checking out is rap-rock group Dig Jelly, who'll be hitting Slims in San Francisco on November 16 and the Key Club in Los Angeles on November 18. Recently, they signed with Centerline Entertainment in Santa Monica, and their new album, For Your Inner Angry Child, is out with a snazzy anime design cover. An otaku plus! Currently, they're creating a buzz in Japan and storming coast to coast in the States on tour.

I caught two of Dig Jelly's performances at the Pacific Media Expo. Rayko, the lead singer and front-person of the group, was a powerhouse of dynamic stage presence and strong vocals. She can scream like a demonic banshee or croon like an angel at will. Then, when you meet her offstage, she's the sweetest gal ever. When they busted out with a cover or two of some Rage Against the Machine songs, I screamed myself hoarse. I Dig Jelly!

By Tina Tsai, Asian Week.

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