Dig Jelly: Whisky A Go Go

Date: 01-01-2005

Material: Like a tantrum set to music, Dig Jelly's material is in-your-face and relentless. Part punk, part rap-rock, and a large part of insanity, this music is not for wimps. It's for anyone who's ever been angry and demands to be heard.

Musicianship: The players are as furious as the music, with Rayko singing one moment, rapping the next and screaming her lungs out the rest of the time. Lochner's riffs are razor sharp; Balen and Felix pound out beats with rave-like madness; and, Siauw's turntables create a psychotic atmosphere. It's enough to drive anyone over the edge.

Performance: It's hard to imagine why this cute little Asian chick is so friggin' mad. But, you can see it in Rayko's eyes and feel it flow from the stage. Hyperactive and intense, it was exciting and left you breathless.

Summary: Dig Jelly are on to something--a searing emotion that is the core of their being. Aggression does seem popular nowadays, and this band would satiate anyone who craves that form of expression.  They could leave you with a permanent scar.

By Bernard Baur, Music Connection Magazine, January 2005 issue

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