Dig Jelly At The Galaxy Theater

Date: 06-11-2009

Dig Jelly has an infectious groove, hard hitting, yet not overbearing. Vocalist Rayko possesses a commanding stage presence and a take-charge presence on stage. This is important, I believe, especially in a band fronted by a female. Winning over a crowd presents a tougher challenge, and Rayko definitely delivered.

Her vocals are a bit different, in that they aren't the cliche radio-friendly variety. However, it definitely meshes well with the bands unique style. Dig Jelly's music is rather hard to define, think of Red Hot Chili Peppers funk, with a pop appeal, and a dash of metal thrown in. Every song was original, yet familiar sounding. The songs are a tad complex, but yet never pretentious. The rhythm section of Joey Felix and bassist Rain Balen was quite impressive. They were the most proficient 1-2 tandem I have heard in quite some time. Felix, especially, was intense. The band had very good stage presence, and interacted well. Though the crowd in attendance was sparse, this didn't affect Dig Jelly's performance Ellsbeth/Dig Jelly whatsoever. The bands professionalism is a rarity, nowadays, and they make for a act I am eagerly awaiting to see again.

Source: http://www.allaccessmagazine.com/vol7/issue07/elisbeth.html

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