Welcome to the beautiful world of complexity.

Rayko is a Los Angeles based singer, composer, and a musician. Rayko has been singing, playing and writing music since she was 5 years old.

Growing up in Tokyo Japan, with a sister who loved music from both US and Europe, and with parents who held monthly, in-home, Jazz concerts throughout her childhood, Rayko developed an extremely diverse musical taste. Since arriving in US, her music was featured on various independent films such as Micro Mini Kids, St. Andrews Girls, as well as MTV shows including Surf Girls.

Rayko's musical training and background has included years of lead vocals in Opera, in parallel with Metal, and currently is the lead vocalist/guitar player for two bands, (Dig Jelly & Lolita Dark). Rayko’s main instruments are Piano and guitar, she also plays drums, and is currently learning electric violin to further expand her horizon as a musician.

With influences ranging from ABBA to Zappa, Rayko's current music library consists of Pop, Metal, R&B, standard Jazz, classical, and to J-Rock... You will not regret popping your head in to travel through the musical universe of Rayko!

Please visit http://www.rayko.com (under construction)
Contact email: digjelly@digjelly.com